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Sir Thomas Munroe
Sir Thomas Munroe

Everybody knowsSir Thomas Munroe as the father of Ryothwari System. But he also done his part for education of common people...

Sir Thomas Munro was the first to draw the attention of the local Government to the subject of education. In a Minute recorded by him on the 25th June 1822 he says : —
"Much has been written, both in England and in this country, about the ignorance of the people of India, and the means of disseminating knowledge among them, but the opinions upon this subject are the mere conjectures of individuals, un- supported by any authentic documents, and differing so widely from each other, as to be entitled to very little attention. Our power in this country, and the nature of its own municipal institutions, have certainly rendered it practicable to collect materials from which a judgment might be formed of the state of the mental cultivation of the people. We have made geogra phical and agricultural surveys of our provinces ; we have investigated their resources; and endeavoured to ascertain their population ; but little or nothing has been done to learn the state of education."
As he ordered to collect list of schools im madras presidency, after 2 years of collection of data it is found that at that time there are 12,498 schools containing 188,650 scholars, of whom 184,110 were males and 4,540 females. Out of the 12,498 institutions, 740 were returned as Colleges.


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