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Department of School Education

Education should bring radical changes in human life, attitude and behavior. Children should be empowered to be global citizens with intellectual, scientific, social, cultural and human outlook. Education is not to cater to intellectual illumination alone. It should develop skills of problems-solving and social interaction to be inculcated and imbibed for the betterment of the individual and the society. Along with knowledge acquisition, education should direct towards the development of a myriad of desirable values like kindness, charity, tolerance, devotion to duty, self-confidence , truthfulness, Honesty and Non-Violence. Harmonious integrated personality of the child.

Education should train the mind to think creatively bringing out the latent talents of the individual . It should further enlighten, equip and entertain the children to face the challenges of day to day life and changing situations. As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has said, “Children are like buds in the garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are the future of the nation and citizens of tomorrow”. Education should be able to mould them and enable them to attain and achieve their goal.

The School Education Department functions with the target to fulfill the vision of the Honorable Chief Minister of the State and to attain the objectives in order to Universalize and Equalize Qualitative Educational Opportunities. The Structure of education in the state is based on the national pattern.

We have 12 years of schooling at three levels. The Elementary level comprises of eight years - Five years of Primary and three years of Upper Primary Stages. This is followed by two years of Secondary level and finally two years of Higher Secondary level.

On completion of Higher Secondary level students are eligible to pursue their higher studies in the general academic streams and in the technical and professional courses.

Level Stage Classes No. of Years
Elementary Primary 1 to 5 5
Middle Upper Primary 6 to 8 3
Secondary High School 9 to 10 2
Higher Secondary Higher Secondary 11 to 12 2


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