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Government of Tamil Nadu


No Child Can Be Married Before The Age Of 18

(24x7 Toll Free Helpline For Children Below 18 Years)

  • If you are feeling threatened or being abused or harassed – emotionally, Physically or sexually
  • If you are feeling unsafe
  • If you are aware of child marriage happening and want to report it
  • If you need guidance for examinations or higher education
  • If you want to talk to a career counselor
  • If you have doubts on academic certificates
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The Tamil Nadu School Education Department is releasing 2 student-friendly Children's Magazines - Oonjal (Grades 4-5) and Thenchittu (Grades 6-9) for students from Grades 4-9. The Magazine provides a platform for students to contribute creatives and be a part of different school level activities. To ensure that children are exposed to a variety of content outside of their textbook, the magazines have been curated as engaging infotainment which would include informative articles, pieces of enrichment and colourful pictures. The student magazines, Oonjal (Grade 4-5) and Thenchittu (Grade 6-9) will have many stories, poems, games, puzzles and fun activities for students to read and do.

Furthermore, the School Education Department is releasing a magazine for teachers - Kanavu Asiriyar, which will feature infotainment, pertinent educational issues and space for teacher professional development.

In order to instill the love of reading and to inculcate the habit of reading in children, The Department of School Education along with The Textbook Corporation has launched these magazines to which children can contribute and learn from.

Subscription Details

Enjoy hours of great reading with a specially curated set of stories and featured articles by subscribing for our Magazines!

Inside every issue, you would find :

  • Bilingual Infotainment
  • Special features on events happening across the Education space in Tamil Nadu
  • Articles contributed by students region-wise
  • Comics, coloring templates and art and craft ideas
  • Student friendly short stories
  • Many poems, games, puzzles and fun activities for students



Pudhu Oonjal
Grade 4 - 5 (Fortnightly)

Per issue cost Rs.10
Yearly cost Rs.200

Grade 6 - 9 (Fortnightly)

Per issue cost Rs.10
Yearly cost Rs.200

Kanavu Asiriyar
Teachers - Monthly

Per issue cost Rs.20
Yearly cost Rs.200

All 3 Magazine

Per issue cost Rs.40
Yearly cost Rs.600


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