Department of School Education

Government of Tamil Nadu


No Child Can Be Married Before The Age Of 18

(24x7 Toll Free Helpline For Children Below 18 Years)

  • If you are feeling threatened or being abused or harassed - emotionally, Physically or sexually
  • If you are feeling unsafe
  • If you are aware of child marriage happening and want to report it
  • If you need guidance for examinations or higher education
  • If you want to talk to a career counselor
  • If you have doubts on academic certificates
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*Caller details will be kept confidential


Policy Note


School education is a crucial stage in every student's life since it builds the groundwork for a person's future and opens doors to higher education and career prospects. Tamil Nadu has always been a forerunner in the field of education in India, delivering high-quality, inclusive education to all of its students as well as the essential infrastructure in all of its schools. The Department of School Education's prime focus is to Enhance the Performance of School students by providing high quality education. The Tamil Nadu government understands the importance of digital innovations in education, which have become unavoidable in today's fast-changing learning environment in order to improve teaching and learning results. This Government is committed to providing an atmosphere that promotes not just learning but also the mental and physical well-being of kids in schools.

Policy Notes

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1874 English

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1974 test title

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